Swire Land Projects


Swire Elan Suites Hotel Residence


Home of Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern

The 36 story paragon of art deco sophistication welcomes you upon your arrival. As you cross over the terra-cotta concrete stamped pavement leading towards the building, experience the skies melting into Swire Elan Suites cool palettes of blue glass and silver vertical inserts and fins. A reflective curved glass wall magnifies the grandeur of this architectonic design.

To add warmth and reserve, the shimmering exterior is contrasted with subdued tones of granite. As you gracefully ease up the stairs, you will feel the embrace of 4 story high columns and a canopy, all in satin metallic finish. The style and drama of such simple yet elegant lines, generous space, and brilliant hues dress you in a passion for the opulent life.


What makes Swire Elan Suites even more lavish is the way you are treated. Service is unsparing in attention and detail because residents are like special guests and special guests are as good as residents. No doors to open, no baggages to tote, no buttons to press. Our hotel attendant will always be one step ahead of your needs. Just walk straight to one of the 4 speed lifts and it's home sweet home.


When you know you will be pampered like this, wouldn't coming home be such a pleasant experience to look forward to each day?


Imagine coming home from a shopping spree or having a mountain of bags to carry. Our friendly bellhop will be ready to lend you a hand, from the minute you alight your car all the way up to your suite.


And when you're out or simply prefer not to be disturbed, our front desk operator can take your calls and store messages in your voice mailbox. No problem.


We will launder you personal apparel. Dry clean, if you wish. your linens will be kept fresh. We will have your suite clean as whistle in no time. Our coffee shop chefs can even prepare your gourmet dishes so you can have breakfast in bed anytime.

At Swire Elan Suites, the only thing you need to lift is the phone, and we'll be there to do the rest for you.

We'll keep them busy when you are!


Swire Elan Suites takes great lengths to ensure that your needs as a family are taken into consideration. A professionally staffed child care center provides careful supervision for your children, especially on days of unavoidable rush. And even on days that are not so hectic, the little ones are most welcome to drop by for some productive play. For more fun, we have included an indoor playground provided with educational kinder toys and child friendly safety features.


Aside from it's uniqueness as a hotel residence, the scene stealing Swire Elan Suites holds another premium it's inimitably perfect location. So, the next time you have to send a message to someone's pager, tell him you'll be there soon… wherever that is. That's because Swire Elan suites is close to every key pint in the metropolis: Ortigas Center, Makati, Quezon City, San Juan and Mandaluyong.


For years, Greenhills has been one of Metro Manila's most gracious and elegant hubs. By the year 2000, it will become even more spectacular with the Greenhills Shopping Center. You also have immediate access to the offices and boutiques at Robinson's Galleria, SM Megamall and Shangri-la Edsa Plaza. Schools are a blink away. La Salle, OB Montessori, ICA, Xavier as well as hospitals like Cardinal Santos and Medical City. Restaurants, live entertainment and recreation abound, too, along Wilson street, Annapolis street and Greenhills Shopping Center.


The location is likewise

unparalleled in that Swire Elan Suites is destined to be obstruction free. Thus, it enjoys fresh circulation and natural lighting. Residents have a commanding 360 degree vista of the city, including a glimpse of Manila bay, Antipolo hills, and the landscapes of Marikina. It is surrounded only by two 5 story buildings, a vacant lot and the Greenhills commercial parking area.


Espresso By The Rocks

The Swire Elan Suites lobby is made for the individual whose cannot resist fine living. Individuals such as those whose average breakfast fare includes sipping cafe espresso by the soothing sound of indoor waterfalls.


At the lower ground level of the building is the Cafe Cascata, where a waterfall drapery sweeps alongside the lobby stairway. The silent cascade is an eye-catcher, flowing down a sheet of wave pattern glass and granite rockscapes. Tivoli lights are there to accentuate and give a feel of the openness of the skies. The interior of the coffee shop is designed with cherry wood veneer panel, granite finishes and a collection of noveau furniture. Sculpture pieces further enhance the already impressive cafe.


As you take that espresso by the rocks, calmed by the gentle fall of water, you might tell yourself time and again, "I'm so glad to wake up to this every morning". The Cafe Cascata is perfect for a breakfast blitz, although it is open to serve sumptuous cuisine throughout the day.